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Hello there,


I'm Beyza who is in the picture :). I am an MSc Student of Computer Engineer. I like playing and developing games. As you predict, I like the game jams:). I have joined a couple of Global Game Jams until now and I join in the future. I've developed basic games with Unity for 2.5 years.  I also work on mobile games in the MSc thesis.


Except for the games, I am an iOS developer. I've developed "Be Steady! Don't Break The Chain" app recently. If you would like to know about details, I can direct you to app's page.  


I also write blogs. Although their periods are not regular for outer eyes, it is regular for me :). If you would like to look at my blogs, I can direct you to my page on Medium. Unfortunately, my blogs are only in Turkish. Maybe, I will write in English in the future, who is know :).   


Finally, I like technology and I would like to shape its future. 


If you would like to know more about me, you can click following links or ask me by sending a message.


Have a good day, good evening and good night...

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