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Be Steady!

Don't Break The Chain!

Be Steady! Don't Break The Chain!

Be steady!

Don't break the chain.

Start the change yourself.

Achieve success.

The concept of “don’t break the chain” which most of us know, called by Jerry Seinfeld.


Seinfeld has performed this principle to be a good comedian. To be a good comedian, he should make a good joke. He decides to write a joke every day. When he writes a joke in a day, he gets to put a big red X on that day on the calendar. After a few days these X's form a chain. His only job next is to not break the chain. 

To perform this principle, firstly you will define a goal and will create a daily/weekly/monthly/tasks. When you do this task, you will get to put a big red X on that day on the calendar. Remember, it is important to don’t break the chain.



Now all you need is the "Be Steady!" application.


Thanks to the app, you do these following things; 


  • You can set a target for your chain.

  • You can give a name to your chain.

  • You can create a lot of chains.

  • You can set start and end date for your chains.

  • You can choose a frequency of your chains as daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Thanks to daily notifications, you can remember your chains.

  • Thanks to a feature of reminding this chain, you can get a notification for the chain you want and you can set different notification time for the chain you want.


You can contact me for all your feedback on the application by E-mail or social media.



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